Referral Program

Our Referral Program

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, therefore Kinematic.Bike is introducing a referral program to go along with the launch of our latest products. The old saying is that “bikes make bros”, and our goal is to get everyone riding on the trail as often as possible. Since Kinematic makes the most reliable trail bikes on the market we want to incentivise everyone to spread the good word about Kinematic.Bike combined with the Pinion Gear Box. This is why we are offering a $50 cash payment to anyone who can refer new customers that result in the sale of a frame or complete bike. In addition to the 50$ payment your cycling compatriots will also receive a $50 discount towards the purchase of a new bike or frame.

  • Referrals are valid for 6 months and are paid when the bike ships
  • Customers are issued a $50 discount code
  • Payments are issued via the most convenient method available to the referrer
  • Kinematic does not cover any costs associated with the referrals or payments
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