Kinematic Warranty

Kinematic Warranty Policy

Kinematic will fix any manufacturing defects on our frames and cover all costs of the repair including shipping within the United States, labor, and refinishing.

Crash replacement, we will cover your frame for 2 years in the crash replace program. Kinematic will cover the cost of labor and consumables, while the customer is responsible for shipping. Our warranty only covers Kinematic frames. After the 2 year period we will still work to repair your frame. If your frame is beyond repair we will send you a new one at cost during the 2 year period.

We take the same mindset as other progressive companies who prioritize sustainability. We promise to repair your frame if any damage occurs at cost for the lifetime of your frame. This means that the customer pays for labor and materials but kinematic will not profit off of the repair for your kinematic frame. We keep our parts simple so they will always be available for repairs. Cosmetically it may not be identical.