Coyote RR

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The Coyote RR

The Kinematic Coyote RR Titanium Road Bike is the ultimate machine for performance and versatility. Featuring a Classified Internally Geared Hub and our revolutionary Powershift Technology,the Kinematic Coyote RR is designed to take your cycling experience to the nextlevel.The Classified Internally Geared Hub allows for smooth, precise shifting with minimal maintenance, making it the perfect choice for both road and off-roadadventures. And with our Powershift Technology, you can easily shift gearswhile you're pedaling, standing still, or even coasting – giving you completecontrol over your ride.But theKinematic Coyote RR isn't just about performance – it's also a work of art. Thesleek titanium frame is both strong and lightweight, delivering the perfectbalance of power and agility. Plus, the Kinematic Coyote RR is equipped withtop-of-the-line components, including a carbon fork and high-performancewheels, for a smooth and comfortable ride.Get your Kinematic Coyote RR today and experience the future of cycling! 

Classified Hubs

The Coyote RR road bike features classified hubs with power shift technology, which allows for smooth and efficient power transfer from the rider to the rear wheel. This unique technology enables the rider to shift gears seamlessly while maintaining maximum power output. The hubs are classified, meaning they are sealed and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for performance road biking. The power shift technology also improves overall bike performance, allowing for faster acceleration and increased speed. The Coyote RR road bike with classified hubs and power shift technology is a top-of-the-line option for serious road cyclists looking to improve their performance.

Built for Speed

The Coyote RR Titanium Road Bike is designed for speed and performance on any terrain. Its lightweight titanium frame and carbon fork provide a smooth and responsive ride, while the geometry is optimized for fast ascents and descents. The bike's aggressive positioning allows for efficient power transfer and a more aerodynamic riding position, perfect for tackling steep inclines and winding descents. The bike's components are carefully selected for their ability to handle high speeds and withstand rugged use. The bike's drivetrain is designed for quick and precise gear shifting, making it easy to maintain speed and power on even the most challenging terrain. The Coyote RR is the perfect road bike for serious riders looking to push the limits of speed and performance, whether on flat or hilly terrain.