Why Gear Boxes Are Better

Mountain bikes are packed with technology, but let’s face the facts, the main weakness of all bikes is the rear derailleur. Therefore, we think that gearboxes are the future of cycling and are committed to expanding the technology and reach of gearbox bicycles. Pinion gear boxes don’t ever need to be adjusted and there are only two sprockets to clean. The gearboxes are a sealed unit, so they are immune to mud grit, grime, and dust. The components are less susceptible to damage, with no derailleur. So, you can stress less about rocks sticks etc. Gear boxes are designed to last thousands of miles unlike conventionally designed drive trains which are designed to wear out and need replacement. Another advantage is the straight chain line which results in less chain wear and a longer chain life. Less unsprung mass on the rear wheel which results in better small bump sensitivity and a more flickable ride.