Titanium for Bikes

Are titanium bikes worth the hype? The short answer is yes. If you are a fan of steel bicycles you will love titanium. While steel is real Ti is fly and will change your life. This is because titanium has very similar strength properties to steel but has the weight of aluminum.  Titanium has an excellent ride quality because of the flexibility compared to aluminum and carbon fiber. Kinematic.Bike’s frame design utilizes the flexible nature of titanium to provide smooth all day comfort in the saddle. Titanium is the ideal balance between performance and comfort.


Titanium is also corrosion resistant which cannot be said for a steel bike frame which will begin to rust if the finish is worn though. Rust will cause weaknesses in the frame which will accelerate the fatigue life of the frame. Due to this some would say that the fatigue properties of titanium are even better than steel. Kinematic uses TI-3AL2.5V  alloy which is the ideal blend of strength and workability.

Titanium frames are recognizable by their beautiful raw finishes which is why they are notorious for holding their value so well. Since titanium has an incredibly long fatigue life if it comes time to upgrade to a new bike the value of a titanium frame will hold far better than the alternative. Lasting for decades titanium bikes typically sell used for only slightly under the price that was paid for the new bike. Coupling a titanium frame with a pinion gearbox holds the value even better than before. When people see pinion they know that it would be nearly impossible for a rider to abuse it beyond its limit. In the long run a titanium pinion frame is only slightly more expensive than a carbon full suspension but after doing a financial analysis it becomes apparent that the titanium pinion frame is actually more affordable in the long run.

Another advantage of titanium is the customizability. At Kinematic we also offer the option for a custom designed frame. If you don't like what you are seeing on our website then reach out to use to inquire about creating your own unique full suspension or hardtail mountain bike.