The Simplicity

 A simple bike means that it is easy to maintain. This means that you can focus on shredding rather than fixing. So how do you achieve simplicity in design when working on a very complicated product. The first step is to really identify what you are trying to achieve. When you take a step back and really understand what the product is and why it needs to do what it does. We can find that in every scenario simplicity is better.  When Kinematic Designs a product we do so without any marketing gimmicks in mind. We design bikes that are functional, beautiful, and easy to maintain so that you can get on the trails more.

The single pivot design of the Coyote FS130 was created with the principle of simplicity in mind. I wanted to create a bike that would stay relevant as the trends change. I am a big fan of buying things for life and believe that bicycle frames should be able to last much longer than they do. The core idea of the Coyote FS130 was to create a bike that would shred uphill and down, last longer than other bikes, and stay relevant even as marketing trends change.