Kinematic Upcoming Development Projects

 At Kinematic, we are constantly developing new products and want to share some of the concepts and new products that we have in development. 
Coyote Gc
First is the Coyote Gc, a hybrid of a gravel bike and commuter bike. The Kinematic Gc aims to be a very versatile machine that will take you on long journeys through unexplored fire roads and function as an always ready commuter. The pinion drive system is the perfect low maintenance drive train for everyday riding. 
Coyote FSe
Next up is the Coyote FS160 or Coyote FSe which stands for Coyote Full Suspension Enduro. The FSe utilizes a carbon rear triangle with a grade 9 titanium front triangle. At 160mm rear travel and 170mm front travel the Coyote FSe will be a true shredder of even the most technical trails. Designed around the Pinion drive system it will make shifting on technical descents a breeze. Since Pinion drive does not require pedaling for shifting, changing gears on rocky drops will be easier than ever. The Pinion drive lightens the load for un-sprung weight improving cornering and suspension performance. 
Coyote DH
Next up in the development process is a first of its kind. The Coyote DH is a titanium downhill mountain bike designed around the pinion drive system. For downhill performance Pinion is incomparable. There is no higher quality gearbox drive train on the market right now. With less unsprung weigh and a low center of gravity the Coyote DH will be the wildest downhill shred sled to hit the market in decades. 
Coyote RR
The Coyote RR is currently underdevelopment and should be hitting the market in early 2023. We are about to get the validation prototypes to confirm design assumptions. The Coyote RR is an all out race bike designed with one thing in mind. Going as fast as humanly possible without a motor. Kinematic partnered with Classified hubs to develop this race machine. Since gearboxes are the future and Classified's cutting edge tech is race ready we thought it would be a great way to expand Kinematics Product line into road bikes. This bike is 100% designed to take advantage of Classified's technology. 
Coyote FSt
The last on the list is the first one to hit development. Right now we are finalizing our prototypes. They will be rolling off the factory floor and begin testing in February 2023. The Coyote is simplicity meets performance. The single pivot suspension design was intentionally selected to create a reliable all day every day platform for shredding down gnarly trails and comfortably cruising up fire roads.