Dave's Kinematic Coyote Story

My move up to the pacific northwest made me realize I needed a bike that would hold up to a ton of riding as well as the mud and rain.  The kinematic coyote is a bike built to last and withstand the harshest environments. The bike always seems ready to go and requires almost no maintenance.  After looking over the coyote’s spec sheet and seeing the titanium frame and sealed pinion gear box I felt confident this bike would never let me down.  I haven’t had a single problem with the bike! The bike still shifts and rides like the first time I got on it. The pinion drive gear box performs much better than a standard derailleur.  Being able to shift through ever gear at once, without having to be pedaling, makes for an easy transition from riding uphill to downhill and even sending unseen obstacles encounter on the trail.  The yearly oil change for the gearbox is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.  I completely forgot about how I used to have to clean between the rear cogs with a standard cassette; now all I do is lube the chain.  Shifting with a pinion drive is solid and fast!  There are never any missed shifts or that in-between waiting to shift feeling that derailleur bikes have. 

I rode my friend's derailleur bike after he said it just got all tuned up and within the first minute on the bike it was already giving me that in between gear noise and feeling of a slow shift. 

The titanium frame is superior from the rust-free aspect, but it also has a vibration dampening feel when I compare it to steel framed bikes I have ridden.  The geometry of the frame is a perfect combination for pedaling efficiency on the up hills but still allows the rider to feel solid on the bike during steep descents and gnarly obstacles.  With the pinion gearbox being centered on the bike, instead of having the cassette on the rear wheel, the balance and tire traction is significantly improved.  I find it easier to keep traction on each tire leaving the bike feeling glued on berms and steep terrain.  The front DVO diamond fork, with 160mm of travel, has performed perfectly on a variety of terrain from roots and rocks to smooth berms.  The ability to adjust the OTT setting, the top 30mm of travel, independently provides that smooth feel on the small bumps but maintains the support you need for larger hits. I have been riding the coyote hard for the last 2.5 years and feel confident the bike will last a very long time.