About Kinematic

Our goal is to design, make, and sell inovative products in the bicycle industry. Innovating within the bicycle industry is made possible by our customers. Therefore we believe that we have a duty to our customers to provide excelent products and customer service. Kinematic.bike was founded by Phillip Thomas in 2018. Phillip has spent his career designing various products in SolidWorks and utilizing advanced manufacturing processes to create cutting edge products that push the boundaries of what is possible.

We thoroughly vet all of our manufacturers to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality frames in the bicycle industry. Quality control is extremely important which is why all of our frames are inspected and tested with standardized engineering procedures before they are shipped to our customer.

Phillip has built a team that is committed to creating products that push the limits of performance and reliability. We believe that gearbox bicycles are the future and will eventually fully replace derailleur driven bicycles.

Located in Southern California we use the San Gabriel and Sierra Nevada mountains as our testing grounds. Testing and safety are paramount and we always take that into consideration when establishing new designs.